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We provide all the piercings with experience and professionalism, and we always follow the strict rules of hygiene.

We recommend you allow about 15 minutes for the piercing procedure itself. If you haven’t made an appointment please be prepared to wait a while.

All piercing prices include a titanium standard jewel. To ensure high quality we cannot perform piercings with your own jewellery. Poor quality jewellery can cause an adverse reaction and inflammation and all jewellery is not necessarily suitable for all piercings.

There is a wide variety of jewellery available at our shop.

When you arrive for the piercing procedure, please bring an ID with photo. Under 16 year olds must be accompanied by a parent. The age limit for nipple piercing is 18 years.

Piercing care instructions

Clean the piercing a few times a day with warm running water e.g. during a shower. Do not use disinfectants for daily cleaning because the skin tends to dry and get irritated, which increases the inflammation risk. Check and tighten the pins on the jewellery during cleaning so that it doesn´t come loose and drop off.

Sauna and swimming should be avoided for about 2 months. As you clean the piercing, first remove the external bacterial secretion and carefully move the jewellery back and forth. Don’t touch the jewellery with dirty hands because it might cause inflammation. Please remember that a fresh piercing is an open wound and should be kept free from make up and hair styling products.

Do not remove the jewellery if the wound gets inflamed because the hole closes easily and the piercing will have to be redone. Appropriate piercing jewellery will never cause inflammation. It is caused by dirt, bacteria and incorrect care.

The outer epidermis usually heals within 3-8 weeks and the whole healing process will take 2-12 months depending on an individual’s anatomy. Cartilage- and bellybutton piercings for example are slow to heal. For the treatment of tongue piercings only an alcohol free cleanser must be used. Do not remove the jewellery before the piercing has completely healed because the wound might close surprisingly quickly.

Correct aftercare is just as important a part of a good piercing as the use of top quality jewellery and piercing method.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us!

Download care instructions (PDF)

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