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Our studio is 120 square meters of open space in the center of Hämeenlinna, you're welcome to meet us!

Säde Sonck and Stéphane Chaudesaigues

Säde Sonck and Stéphane Chaudesaigues

It all began ten years ago in Spain. I originally started out by studying to become a milliner, desinger of hats and accessorizes, in Hämeenlinna Finland. After completing my studies I headed abroad. After various turns I found myself in Spain doing henna tattoos for tourists mainly for fun. Surprisingly I discovered that many of the images I had designed ended up as permanent tattoos on their skin. So I started to collect my sketches in folders as I travelled around Europe and Asia presenting images to tattoo shops on the way. The feedback was positive and many tattoo artists urged me to become a tattoo artist. So after I arrived back in Finland I further educated myself by studying the art of tattooing and this is how the story of Unique Art began.

I am not the type that rests on my laurels and doesn’t move forward. Instead, I want to constantly develop myself, learn new skills and share these with other people too. My first group of Unique Art tattoo students began their training in spring 2010 and graduated in July.

A few years ago I had the privilege to get to know a French tattoo guru Stéphane Chaudesaigues. He liked my images and invited me to Paris, where I have been apprenticed several times by the Master and in December 2010 I had the honour to have Stéphane as my guest in Unique Art. Go and check out Stéphane’s web page at www.labetehumaine.fr.

The most important aspect of my work is to be able to create unique tattoos that exactly reflect the customer’s personality. Happily, there has also been plenty of demand for other various projects. Sometimes even more than time would allow. The more challenging or funnier the idea, the harder it is to say no to it.

Over time Unique Art has evolved into a multi art business. It has been only natural to create a profession and business out of the subject of my own interest. Through my business it is my desire to combine different areas of art and offer them under one roof. I also want to train new upcoming talents and to assemble talented people under the same roof to take our shared dream forward.

I have a diverse career as an entrepreneur behind me. After the dance school Dame Salsa and ice-cream parlour Café-Gelateria Mamma Mia (the winner of the regional service survey/Häme 2008, best café 2007/2008/2009) I will now focus on running with my passion, Unique Art.

See you soon!


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